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Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:54 pm by Naga-The great

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 Expected :)

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PostSubject: Expected :)   Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:07 pm

Very nice to wake up in the morning to see that i've been removed from the Mod team WITHOUT ANYONE TALKING TO ME BEFORE DOING IT. Do u consider me a kid? Was a long time ago when i was one.

Carl made a new team. Doesn't surprise me he did and he will give his reasons himself but after facing this i'm not surprised he did.
I had a restart so wasn't in any team, Carl told me what hes gonna do and that he posted here and i wasn't even given a chance to respond or share my thoughts with any of u..i was just removed WITHOUT A WORD.

Also i hear that recruiting your members have been mentioned as a crime?
You have memory loss? How do u think i felt when i was a part of these forums while still in Jungle and u were recruiting my team members while talking about friendship?

Yes im gonna join Carls team coz he will always stand up for his team member, coz he wont suck up to anyone, coz he will come on time for tourneys, he wont change line up in last sec degrading players that were removed from it and making the replacements and CL feel bad and for so many other reasons i wont put here.

Btw..Luke i have nothing against u but the fact u didnt talk to me as well. You are an awesome guy and ive always said to Carl that i love you like my brother. You are amazing person and by taking team in ur hands u made the best decision ever.

Enjoy ur day guys. Pls remove my intro.
Ty for all that was good.
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Naga-The great

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PostSubject: Re: Expected :)   Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:54 pm

lol ur right ivana even i was shocked seeing i was removed from team with out any notice but idc anyways
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Expected :)

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